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Since its foundation in 2001, GREENSCAPE Inc. has been the industry leader in irrigation design and maintenance, devoted to golf courses and stadium, as well as landscaping.


At GREENSCAPE Inc. we are engaged in making a difference: bringing life to structures by the proper use of nature. That is why we are known as serious professionals compromised to harmonize the environment, always taking into account climate, weather and quality of the soil before selecting the materials that will become part of any landscaping art work.


Knowing the secrets of such detailed and studied selection has been the road to our success, which is now spreading to Dominican Republic and United States Virgin Islands with the opening of the company’s new offices in these islands.


At GREENSCAPE Inc. we are also engaged in rescuing tropical flora, with the purpose of creating innovate gardens different in shape and structure from others on the Islands.


Our staff of horticulturists, agronomists, arborists and other related professionals will help you develop a strategy to answer all your needs, always making sure we protect our most important client: Nature.


At GREENSCAPE Inc. we are sure that anybody can plant a garden but details are the ones that make the difference between landscape work and a piece of art.


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